Discover the Diversity of Phone Cases in Our Online Store!

Discover the Diversity of Phone Cases in Our Online Store!

When choosing a phone case, there are numerous factors to consider. Among these is the type of leather it's crafted from. In this article, we aim to familiarize you with the myriad case types and the vast array of leathers they're fashioned from.

Diverse Leather Types for Distinct Cases:

The functionality of a case is pivotal, but so too are its aesthetics and the material it's made of. Depending on the design, you might encounter various leather types:

  • Nubuck Leather - Renowned for its soft, velvety surface, granting phones a touch of sophistication.
  • Smooth Leather - Traditional, sleek, and shiny, it lends a contemporary flair to phones and is notably durable.
  • Crazy Horse Leather - Characterized by its unique distressed appearance, this leather attains a beautiful patina over time.
  • Printed Leather - Genuine leather adorned with prints, which can range from classic ornamental patterns to camouflage or leopard designs.

Case Models - Diving Deep into the Back Case:

Proceeding, we delve into the Back Case model in detail. Primarily designed to safeguard the rear and sides of the phone, it's crucial to complement it with a screen protector or tempered glass for complete display protection, as the case alone doesn't offer this. The exterior is draped in genuine leather, while the interior is lined with plush velour. TPU rubber ensures the phone remains shielded from scratches. This design is mainly intended for older phone models.

In our assortment, you'll also come across more budget-friendly cases made from faux leather or non-leather variants. It's vital to note the variations in cutouts, especially around the camera. For newer phone models, the holding rubber is in black, whereas it's transparent for older ones.

The diversity in cases is truly staggering. From models suitable for phones with wireless charging features like the Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max, to those with built-in stands for the Samsung Galaxy s23 ultra, and foldable designs like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4. Some cases even incorporate a finger holder.

We strongly advise reading each product's description meticulously, as they differ, and every phone model presents unique requirements and features that should be factored in when selecting the perfect case.