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Discover the Variety of Phone Cases in Our Shop

Discover the Variety of Phone Cases in Our Shop

In today's age, a mobile phone is not just a communication tool but also an expression of personal style. Therefore, it's important to select the right phone case that not only protects your device but also accentuates your individuality.

Types of Leather: Choose Your Favourite

Before delving into the specific models in our range, you should familiarise yourself with the different leather types from which they are made. In our shop, we offer cases crafted from various kinds of leather, such as:

  • Nubuck: Soft and velvety, it adds elegance to any phone.
  • Smooth Leather: Glossy and sleek, ideal for those who prefer a classic look.
  • Crazy Horse: A distinct type of leather characterized by its unique appearance and aging effect, giving your phone a vintage touch.
  • Printed Leather: Genuine leather with prints, allowing you to express yourself, whether through ornaments, camouflage patterns, or even a leopard design.

The Flip Case Model: Classic in Modern Design

Once you decide on the leather type that's right for you, it's time to choose a model. One of our favourites is the Flip Case.

The Flip Case is a top-opening cover that combines simplicity with functionality. Its minimalist design includes a pocket - ideal for your favourite card or an essential document. Notably, this model combines two different kinds of leather - one on the outside and another on the inside, giving it a unique character.

The phone is protected by a scratch-resistant TPU material. Cutouts for the camera, button, and charging port ensure everyday comfort.

However, an important piece of information needs emphasis: The Flip Case model was primarily designed for older phone models. Therefore, we stress once: If you own the latest smartphone model, we stress twice: The Flip Case is no longer available for these models. But worry not! For the newest models, we recommend our innovative Wallet Case that not only offers protection but also adds elegance to any smartphone.

We invite you to explore the entire range in our shop. Regardless of your choice, we guarantee you'll find the perfect case for yourself in our collection!