The Perfect Phone Case Purchase: Discover the Variety of Leather Types and Models

The Perfect Phone Case Purchase: Discover the Variety of Leather Types and Models

When choosing a phone case, it's not just about the features but also the material it's crafted from. In this article, we aim to familiarize you with the diversity of leathers used in our products and introduce one of our most popular case models.

Leather Types - Which One to Choose?

Depending on the case model you opt for, a variety of leather types are available:

  • Nubuck: A soft, velvety leather with an exceptionally smooth finish.
  • Smooth Leather: Classic, glossy leather with a sleek surface.
  • Crazy Horse: Known for its distinctive worn look that, over time, develops a patina and unique character.
  • Printed Leather: Genuine leather featuring designs like ornaments, camouflage, or leopard patterns.

The Slim Cover Model - Elegance Meets Functionality

Moving on to specific models, we spotlight the real leather case named Slim Cover. This is a side-opening design, distinct from the typical Wallet Case. The integrated space for a card or document caters to those who appreciate minimalism. It's worth noting that the leather used on the exterior and interior of the case differs, adding a unique touch to the product. A TPU rubber ensures effective protection against scratches. Of course, there are cut-outs for the camera, button, and charging port.

It's essential to emphasize (and it's worth stressing twice) that the Slim Cover model is only available for older phone models. For those owning the latest smartphones, we recommend purchasing the Wallet Case model, crafted to meet the expectations of modern users.

We invite you to explore our store's entire range and find the perfect match for your needs!